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2004.6.14 Note:
New Wisdom Investment Limited is the new name of Shenzhen New Wisdom Company Limited after share issue. The other information is the same as before.

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Sample policy:
Samples fee is free for you, it is paid in advance and returned to you when you place the order.

Please offer your express account for us to send you the samples. such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and TNT etc. That you're able to collect samples as soon as possible free charge for some small samples.

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Company Profile:
We are experienced and specializing in making various pens in the China mainland.

Every year we spend large amount for products development and promotion purposes.

Creation and innovation policy is vivid embody in our company, therefore our designs are updated frequently. More over combining variant colors with artistic and innovative designs, we have various range for you choice. As we understand the need and the demand in the market, our continuous breakthroughs in design still need your value opinions.

Simply writing is not enough for the year after 2000; we present our new series "dual-function pens" to you. We have pens with time indicator, pens that could be used as a flashlight, pens with cellular phone signals and more will be coming soon. Just tell us your require, let's do thee rest for you. Our aim is make every one feel relief doing business with us. Advanced production technology, rationalized costs, and the superb product qualities are measures we take to satisfy our customer. With all our experiences, capacity, and the hard work we believe we can be your next trustful partner of manufacturing for all your writing instruments needs.

All the products we carry can be imprinted according to the client's corporate logo or other special design. We have a wide range of other products to cater our clients' needs.

Browsing our website, you can't believe it!

Plastic pen, include: Plastic ball pen, Plastic gel pen, Plastic pens etc (Enlarge the pen clicking the photo)


the fourthly page-plastic pen  new

Plastic pen5  new  Plastic pen4  new Highlighter pen new Plastic pen new   Plastic pen3 new    Plastic pen2

Plastic ball pen NW10301 Plastic ball pen NW10302 Plastic ball pen NW10303 Plastic ball pen NW10304
Plastic ball pen NW10305 Plastic ball pen NW10306 Plastic ball pen NW10307 Plastic ball pen NW10308
Plastic ball pen NW10309 Plastic ball pen NW10310 Plastic ball pen NW10311 Plastic ball pen NW10312
Plastic ball pen NW10313 Plastic ball pen NW10314 Plastic ball pen NW10315 Plastic ball pen NW10315B
Plastic ball pen NW10316 Plastic ball pen NW10317A Plastic ball pen NW10317B Plastic ball pen NW10318
new new new new
Plastic ball pen NW10319 Plastic ball pen NW10320 Bookmarker pen NW10321 Special pen NW10322
new new new new
2c ball pen NW10335 2c ball pen NW10336 4c ball pen NW10337 2c ball pen NW10340C
new new
3c ball pen NW10338 3c ball pen NW10339 2c ball pen NW10340 2c ball pen NW10340C
2c ball pen NW10341 4c ball pen NW10342 3c ball pen NW10343 3c ball pen NW10344
7c ball pen NW10345 6c ball pen NW10346 3c ball pen NW10343 3c ball pen NW10344
3c ball pen NW10347 4c ball pen NW10348 10c ball pen NW10349 4 ball pen NW10350
4c ball pen NW10351 2c ball pen NW10352 4c ball pen NW10353 pen NW10354
Semimetal  ball pen NW10355 Semimetal ball pen NW10356 Semimetal ball pen NW10357 Semimetal  ball pen NW10358
Plastic ball pen NW10359 Plastic ball pen NW10360 Plastic ball pen NW10361 Plastic ball pen NW10362
Semimetal ball pen NW10363C Semimetal  ball pen NW10364C Semimetal  ball pen NW10364S plastic ball pen NW10362S
Semimetal ball pen NW10365C Semimetal  ball pen NW10365S Plastic ball pen NW61001 semimetal ball pen NW10366
Semimetal  ball pen NW10367 Semimetal  ball pen NW10368 Semimetal  ball pen NW10369 Semimetal  ball pen NW10370
Semimetal ball pen NW10371 Semimetal  ball pen NW10372 Semimetal ball pen NW10373 Semimetal  ball pen NW10374
Semimetal ball pen NW10375 Plastic ball pen NW10376 Plastic ball pen NW10377 Plastic ball pen NW10378
Plastic ball pen NW10379 Plastic ball pen NW10380 Plastic ball pen NW10381 Plastic ball pen NW10382
Plastic ball pen NW10383C Plastic ball pen NW10383W Plastic ball pen NW10383S Plastic ball pen NW10384
Plastic ball pen NW10385C Plastic ball pen NW10385S Plastic ball pen NW10385W Plastic ball pen NW10388C
Plastic ball pen NW10386C Plastic ball pen NW10386W Plastic ball pen NW10387 Plastic ball pen NW10388S
Semimetal ball pen NW10389 Semimetal  ball pen NW10390 Semimetal ball pen NW10391 Semimetal  ball pen NW10392
Plastic ball pen NW10393W Plastic ball pen NW10393S Plastic ball pen NW10394C Plastic ball pen NW10394S
Plastic ball pen NW10395 Plastic ball pen NW10397 Plastic ball pen NW10398 Plastic ball pen NW10399C
Plastic ball pen NW10396 Plastic ball pen NW10397 Plastic ball pen NW10398 Plastic ball pen NW10399C

Plastic pen5new  Plastic pen4new  Highlighter pennew  Plastic pennew   Plastic pen3new    Plastic pen2


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